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The Studio Nomade is an immersive experience led by a duo of artists. Visual artist Carla Talopp and photographer Thomas Millet reinvent the art of portraiture as a symbol of memory, connections and sharing. Painting and photography come together to create a singular artistic work.


Through residencies, private commissions or artistic mediation projects, Studio Nomade shares its values and its deep attachment to the notions of heritage and transmission.

Creating a Family

Since 2017, Studio Nomade has been pursuing a project entitled Family Portraits, offering institutions, cultural players, businesses and individuals a unique artistic experience. Under the photographer's eye, individuals are invited to plunge into Carla Talopp's monumental canvases, in intimate resonance with the place explored.

A Traveling Project

Initially launched in Gers, their adopted region, the Studio quickly expanded to France and the world. On occasion or  through residencies, the two artists travel the world with the aim of sharing the daily lives of the communities they meet and democratizing access to art.


The family portrait acts as a vector of social bond.


Studio Nomade engages locally through artistic residencies and social and cultural action projects, including:


Residency in Cambodia in partnership with All Dream Cambodia and the French Institute (2023), exhibition and studio for the Social and Cultural Center of Auch, in partnership with Circa (2021-2023), residency in India with a workshop at Strate, School of Design in Bangalore (2019), residency in Vichy and exhibition for Portrait(s), Photographic Summer of the City of Vichy (2018)...


Studio Nomade offers a convivial and unifying moment in artistic immersion in front of an original canvas in resonance with companies' universe and values.


Signed portraits can be offered or used for corporate communication. 

Company Workshops

As part of Studio Nomade's in-company intervention, Carla Talopp can also offer a creative workshop around the creation of an XXL canvas. Teams are invited to paint alongside the artist, then pose for a unique photo session, solo or in a group. A tailor-made experience and a collective work of art for an installation and shoot designed to enhance and bring teams closer together.

Art, a vector of creativity and sharing. 

Edgar Hotel & Restaurant, Paris; L'Astrada, Marciac; The Center for Art and Photography, Lectoure; The Portrait (s) Festival, Vichy; Casalonga, Paris; The CRCC, Agen; Tada Agency, Paris; L'Agence Simone, Paris; Independence and creations Festival, Auch; Le Tripostal, Marseille; La Villa Esprit de famille, Saint-Malo; Strate School of Design, Bengalore, India.

They trust us


Families, whether large, small, blended or friendly, are invited to pose in front of a painting by Carla Talopp, under the eye of photographer Thomas Millet.

Studio Nomade is based in Gers and travels to Paris for private sessions four times a year. 


Choose your date and book your session now. 

Dates are announced one month in advance.

réservations famille


PF-7405 copy.jpg

45-minute session,
up to 5 people



• 1 signed pigment print, immediate printing with master key 24 x 30 cm


• Low definition digital file of the portrait (for web and social media use only)


• Additional print: 50€



45-minute session,

up to 8 people


• 3 signed pigment prints, immediate printing, with master key 24 x 30 cm


• Digital Pack: edited high definition digital files of the selection, in order to print your portraits at your convenience.

Good Karma




45-minute session,

up to 8 people


• 3 signed pigment prints, immediate printing, with master key 24 x 30 cm


• Low definition digital files of the 3 portraits (for web and social media use only)



9-MOKO Marie-Colette-0018-2.jpg

If you visit our beautiful Gers region, come to our Studio and benefit from a preferential rate.

At our Studio 

PF cinema 32-163_edited_edited.jpg


•HD digital files and rights of use for internal and external communication

•Individual professional portrait: €600

•Pro team portrait (up to 5 people): €750

•Individual + team portraits: please request a quote



Millet 4116 copy.jpg

1h30 session

Up to 12 people


• Multiple shots per family or group


• Immediate printing of

6 signed pigment prints on matte paper, format with Marie-Louise 24 x 30 cm


• Digital Pack: HD digital files of the selection, edited, in order to print your portraits at your convenience.

Big Family


* For groups of more than 12 people, we adapt the session according to your desires, contact us for a tailor-made quote.

17_Percée HD_2020 copie.jpg


Studio Nomade: a duo of artists formed by visual artist Carla Talopp and photographer Thomas Millet.


Carla Talopp

A multidisciplinary artist, Carla Talopp finds the expression of her creative force in Nature. Her paintings, in monumental formats and nourished by the deep attention she pays to the Living, appear as metaphors of an inner vitality which never ceases to move and renew itself.  

Influenced by the research of Philippe Descola, her approach is part of a desire to distance herself from an anthropocentric vision of the Earth, by proposing a space for thought where Humans and Nature are one. 


Her work has been the subject of a number of personal exhibitions within public institutions in France and abroad, including the Institut Français de Phnom Penh, Cambodia ; the China Academy of Art, China; and the French Embassy, Washington, USA. She frequently takes part in solo and group exhibitions at various galleries, including the Joanne Artman Gallery, New York/Laguna Beach, USA ; the Galerie Larock-Granoff, Paris, France; the Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris, France; the Galerie Planète Rouge, Paris, France; and the Musée de la Poste, Paris, France.


Thomas Millet

Thomas Millet is an artist photographer with a background in architecture. His artistic approach, deeply humanistic and guided by a desire to exchange and share, testifies to the sensitive way in which he looks at human beings.

His experience of architecture gives each of his works a precise and thoughtful construction, entirely devoted to the sublimation of his subject, allowing him to capture its inner flame. His portraits, combining snapshots and constructed poses, appear as an invitation to perceive the intimate and sensitive part that animates each individual.


His work has been the subject of various exhibitions, both in private and public institutions, including the Michelin Museum, Clermont-Ferrand, France; La Villa Adrienne, Fréjus, France; and Galerie 1161, Paris, France. Thomas Millet has also collaborated with various companies such as BNP Paribas, Ricard and La Poste. 



Salon LMN-3.jpg

“In the Gers, an old farmhouse rehabilitated into a creative family haven.*”

Rent the Nomad House during your vacation! 





*See the article The Socialite Family 


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Studio Nomade is represented by the Pauline Carretta Agency


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